Player Development Program (PDP)

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Triad Elite Lacrosse Player Development Program

Player development is the single most important aspect of excelling at the game of lacrosse.  Through careful instruction and education Triad Elite Lacrosse will maximize each member’s growth in the sport.

PDP has been established to help educate young student-athletes from the beginning stages of lacrosse to an Elite level of play. This model will encourage free play amongst its participants that will inspire creativity and truly put the FUN in fundamentals.

The Player Development Program will drive the growth of each members’ skill level and knowledge of the game.  Each athlete will receive individual attention to develop their game to the highest level.

PDP is a five-week summer program. Our 3rd & 4th-grade athletes will participate in a 70 min practice session and scrimmage for 38 min in a 6v6 game format. Our 5th & 6th grade athletes will participate in a 70 min practice session and scrimmage for 38 min in a 7v7 game format.  The 7th and 8th grade group will participate in a 60 min practice session with a 45 min 10v10 game.  Each team will have a sideline coach to manage substitutions.  Each player will be given a PDP penny for the program.


3rd & 4th – 30 max participants (short sticks only)

5th & 6th – 30 max participants

7th & 8th – 40 max participants


Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

1001 Freeman Mill Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27406


Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Week1: June 19th & 21st

Week2: June 26th & 28th

Week3: July 10th & 12th

Week4: July 17th & 19th

Week5: July 24th & 26th



PDP is instructed by current and former players from the following collegiate programs:

Manhattan, High Point, Marist, VMI, Syracuse, Guilford, Methodist, Greensboro

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