College Recruiting

We’ve partnered with ConnectLAX to simplify the recruiting process for our families. Your annual membership includes a team-linked recruit profile, highlight video and video library. ConnectLAX puts your player info and video at the fingertips of every college coach, builds a professional highlight video of your best plays and provides access to your teams’ game film. Our coach dashboard tracks your recruiting activity in real-time, makes it easy to share your recruit profile with college coaches and keeps everyone on the same page. ConnectLAX matches players to colleges that fit them both on and off the field and they help college coaches find, evaluate and connect with players like you that fit their program.


What is ConnectLA X

How To Get Started

Follow the instructions you receive when your coaches email you with your teams’ sign up link. You can then create a new profile linked to your team or log in first to link an existing profile.

Complete Your Profile

 After your recruit profile is linked to your team, refer to our onboarding emails and these recruit tutorials within your dashboard. The more complete your profile is, the higher it ranks to college coaches in our Recruit Finder.

Recruit Tutorials

Recruit Finder

Bookmark Target Colleges

 Next, find your college matches and bookmark the schools you are interested in. We recommend a target list of at least 30 colleges across multiple divisions (ie D1, D2, and D3). Tier and rate your schools, then add text about why you like them.

Your college bookmarks are visible to you and your club coaches, not college coaches.

College Matches

College Bookmarks

Review List & Connect With Coaches

Bookmark your target colleges and prepare your academic information, then collaborate with your club coaches to refine your list. With your profile complete and target list ready, start messaging coaches from their college teams’ profile.

Your coaches will be sharing your recruit profile with college coaches so keep it up to date along with updating your target list as it evolves throughout the recruiting process.

You can download our recruiting guide from your dashboard for practical tips to help navigate today’s recruiting process.

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